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Three female artists, three ideas – one project


WDREI is a pop-up hotel in the very heart of Munich. Its walls and ceilings, packed with extensive installations and murals by three female artists, give a broad hint on the hotel’s concept and naming: W3 stands for “three women”.


The hotel is designed and created by an artistic all-female trio of different origin, with different techniques and different narratives. And yet, Mexican artist Daniela Viveros Barrera, Teodora Spasova from Bulgaria and Munich-born Tanja Leithe succeed in bundling up their wall-to-wall works to a hospitable ensemble.


Thus, the walls in your room will tell you lots of stories. About Munich. About being on the right road. About coming home.


The artists


Born in East-Central Mexico, Daniela Viveros Barrera found her home in Innsbruck, Austria. Here, the textile designer works on her projects that often revolve around the topic of intercultural exchange – just as it’s the case in WDREI with her two artistic colleagues: “Every room reflects a part of each of us”, explains Barrera. Her wall designs show hidden (or, admittedly, iconic) places in Munich, most of them “frequented by locals. And pointing out a different kind of travelling to our guests.” Her credo? “Go big or go home!” But we’re not worried: At WDREI, you surely won’t hurry to get back home again. You’ll want to stay right with us!


There’s no way to reduce Teodora Spasova’s manifold artistic work to one singled out genre: The native Bulgarian is experienced with film, interior, stage and lighting design, her oeuvre covering sculpture, murals and stained-glass painting. Her mural details and figures in W3 reflect the hearty and rustic abundance of life the Bavarian capital is celebrated for. And that Spasova knows so well, living in Munich by now. Her in-depth drawings will show you how to live your Munich life the “zünftig” way.


Tattoo artist Tanja Leithe is a trained photographer. Which is easy to be seen, having a closer look at her illustrations that savvily emphasize basic Bavarian essentials with just a few lines or elements. For W3, she drew “different places that Munich is known for, in an abstract, minimalist, but characteristic way”. On her own travels, Leithe looks out for “authentic and tasteful hotels with a feel-good vibe”, for “that’s what makes the whole trip worthwhile”. Which is exactly what she took care for at WDREI with her two fellow artists!  







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