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Daniela Viveros Barrera 

1. Born 

In Puebla, Mexico, in 1993


2. Living 

In Innsbruck, Austria


3. Education

Bachelor’s degree in textile design



4. Initial impetus

To breathe life into all the ideas and concepts that I developed in my younger years. Experimentations with colors and materials to create new things.


5. Zenith of your artistic career

Being a young artist, I couldn’t claim to have reached the culmination of my work just yet, for I know about my abilities - and about the projects that are to come and in which I will shine. I do implement any project with all my heart and passion, for even the tiniest scheme can reveal its very own apogee. Most of the times this will happen when I show my work to a client or when being praised for my skills. Anyway, you have to set high goals and expand your experience and knowledge. 


6. Your lowest point 

It’s when I came to Europe that I’ve hit rock bottom. Having left behind my friends and family and my beloved surroundings, I had to start everything all over again. Nothing has been offered on a silver platter, I had to work really hard to get a look-in. I had to struggle through culture, language and discrimination to reach the point where I am now.


7. Who are your heroes?

My parents and Frida Kahlo.


8. What’s your credo?

Go big or go home. 


9. An advice that would have been good?

Always fight for your dreams and for what you love.


10. Why did you choose to become an artist?

Since I was a kid I realized that art could give me an opportunity to express myself. To me, it always seemed easier to express my thoughts, taste, feelings and emotions through a sketched piece of paper rather than through words.


The project:


11. What do hotels mean to you in general  - and this one in particular?
To create a space through my art, mirroring both concept and ideology of the hotel. To get the opportunity to collaborate with two women from different cultural backgrounds, that differ totally in their points of view and ways of thinking. As an artist, you stick to your own vision, your own style, your own technique. This project is so interesting, because  every room of the hotel reflects a part of each of us. In here, three different cultures congregate, to harmonize and to breathe life into a space, mirroring the hotel’s identity within the process of the painting. Where intercultural exchange and collaboration is the most important thing.


12.  What’s your idea?

To draw up little scenarios of places in Munich and Bavaria where the locals go. So I can point out a different kind of traveling to our guests. Some of these touristically underestimated places that nevertheless shaped the city’s history and are important for the community.


13. What do you want to create?

I want to convey a local point of view to our guests. Tourists should learn a little more about the beauty and lifestyle of Bavaria.


14. What does working with your fellow artists mean to you? What’s your collaboration about?

At some point in time, every single one of us has been new in town and had to get along with this city, its culture and inhabitants. So I think that on the one hand our murals reflect all those experiences and impressions that we made and collected. On the other hand, I’m quite sure that our varied cultural backgrounds shaped our works differently. 


15. And what’s in for our guests?

Three different art forms, from three different points of views, painted by three strong characters.

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