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Theodora Spasova


1. Born                



2. Living                

In Munich


3. Education           

Academy of Visual Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria


4. Initial impetus 

There always has been this feeling inside of me that I would become an artist. My parents and teachers took notice of my special gift at quite an early age. I always followed my intuition.


5. Zenith of your artistic career

The peak would be perfection. But is there such a thing?


6. Your lowest point          

There is no low. Because I’m merely driven by intuition.


7. Who are your heroes?

The people that created a new dimension of our views on life. The inventors and dreamers.


8. What’s your credo?

Be brave enough to follow your own path - and do it now. And enjoy every single moment as if it was the last.


9. An advice that would have been good?

I never had doubts about getting ahead anyway.


10. Why did you choose to become an artist?

Because I’m driven by intuition.



The project:


11. What do hotels mean to you in general  - and this one in particular?

Hotels mostly are both part of an adventure-trip and part of a city. And in particular I appreciate my friendship with Michael Faltenbacher, as well as the possibility to work with fellow female artists with another approach to the world.


12. What’s your idea?

To visualize the flow of the Isar as Munich’s elixir. To demonstrate the alchemy of Munich to the guests and to arouse their curiosity about the city and its currents. 


13. What do you want to create?

Amazement. I want to stir a longing and point out Munich’s lust for life and love.


14. What does working with your fellow artists mean to you? What’s your collaboration about?

Enrichment without words.


15. And what’s in for our guests?

Adventure, joy.

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