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Tanja Leithe


1. Born

In Munich


2. Living

In Munich


3. Education

Photographer/ props manager/ tattoo artist 


4. Initial impetus

The path to independence


5. What was the zenith of your artistic career?

Still climbing ;-)


6. And your lowest point?

Being a white-collar worker - it nearly killed my creativity


7. Who are your heroes?

Phew, that’s difficult. There are so many inspiring artists, I’m especially drawn to Modernism and Surrealism. But my true heroes are the people that support me most and that happen to be my biggest fans: my family and my husband


8. What’s your credo?

If we all help each other, there’s help for everyone


9. An advice that would have been good?

Don’t think too long, do it!


10. Why did you choose to become an artist?

Because illustrating, painting and drawing is what kept me satisfied since I was a kid



The project:


11. What do hotels mean to you in general  - and this one in particular?

I’m always looking for authentic and tasteful hotels with a feel-good vibe. To me, this is what makes a trip worthwhile. Munich is my hometown - and having spent quite some time at the Opera, I’m so happy to work on this very project!



12. What’s your idea?

A display of places that Munich is known for - in an abstract, minimalist and characteristic way. 



13. What do you want to create?

That’s exactly what I want to do: To take part in the creation of an authentic, tasteful place, where you feel just fine. And I want everybody entering the room to have a close look at the walls!



14. What does working with your fellow artists mean to you? What’s your collaboration about? 

We are truly different persons with a truly different approach to art. And that’s exactly why it’s so exciting. There’s beauty within our diversity and mutual inspiration.



15. And what’s in for our guests?

A private art exhibition in each and every room!

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